Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department offers education at the Undergraduate-Level with the aim of providing a solid background in the areas of Computer Science & Engineering. The Department also provides support to other Engineering Departments for their classes on Computer Science based topics.

Courses Offered:
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Duration: 4 Years
Student Intake: 120

Departmental Vision

To develop professionals for addressing a wide range of complex scientific and technological challenges in Computer Science and Engineering, who can adapt to constantly evolving industrial and social needs through continuous learning and research.


Departmental Mission

  • Enrich students with sound knowledge in fundamental concepts and cutting edge technologies of Computer Science and Engineering to excel globally in challenging roles in academic and industrial sector.

  • Emphasize on quality teaching and research to encourage creative thoughts and expression in the application of professional knowledge and skill.

  • Inspire leadership and entrepreneurship skills in evolving areas of Computer Science and Engineering with social and environmental awareness.

  • Instill moral and ethical values in students to attain the highest level of accomplishment and personal growth throughout their lives.

Head of the Department

Head of the Department, EE   Dr. Ananya Kanjilal
B.E., Ph.D
Associate Professor and HOD