National Conference

 Department:  Computer Applications
 Author(s):  Pritam Bhattacharya, Arijit Dey, Kunal Das, Debashis De, Mallika De
 Publication Title:  Characterization of Ternary Quantum Dot Cellular Automata for III-V Materials
 Conference Name:  National Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology organized by Calcutta University
 ISBN / ISSN No:  
 Volume, Issue:  
 Page No:  
 Date:  18th – 19th – Sep – 2014
 Department:  Engineering Physics
 Author(s):  Md. Alibordi , R. Goswami, S.S.Ghugre , and R. Raut
 Publication Title:  Study of low-lying band stucture of transitional nuclei using Particle-Rotor Model - 109 Sb
 Conference Name:  Proceedings of the DAE Symp. on Nucl. Phys. 59
 ISBN / ISSN No:  
 Volume, Issue:  
 Page No:  pp. 264-265
 Date:  8th-12th-Dec-2014