Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering



The Department has 12 well-equipped Laboratories with state of art Devices and Electronic Components. The students are given access to the Experimental Setups strictly in a 1:1 ratio, so as to enable them to have a true hands-on experience and be at par with the latest Electronics and Communication Technologies. The Department also conducts classes in Laboratories owned by the other Engineering Departments.

The Department conducts its Laboratory Classes in the respective specialized laboratories predetermined for the purpose.

  1. Basic Electronics Engineering Laboratory

  2. Digital Electronics Laboratory

  3. Analog circuit Laboratory

  4. Antenna Laboratory

  5. Microwave Laboratory

  6. Digital Communication Laboratory

  7. Electronic Design Laboratory

  8. Advanced communication Laboratory

  9. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

  10. VLSI Design/EDA Laboratory

  11. Analog Communication Lab

  12. Microprocessor & Microcontroller Laboratory

  13. Project Laboratory