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Entrepreneur Development Cell (Sphuran)

Objective of Sphuran:

  1. To create a linkage between our institute, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Micro Enterprises, industries, government sectors, research organizations, peers, incubators, business service providers and funding agencies for budding entrepreneurs to implement their ideas.

  2. To organize workshops, seminars, entrepreneurship awareness camps and skill development training programs and provide necessary information to aspiring entrepreneurs.

  3. To invite present entrepreneurs and alumni to visit the institute and share their success stories.

  4. To run entrepreneurship education courses in the campus

  5. To encourage students to attend entrepreneurship development programs outside this institute and visit industries to develop their own ideas.

  6. To conduct surveys for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and communicate with NGOs and other voluntary organizations to address the issues related to women and weaker sections of the society.

  7. To help student entrepreneurs in patenting or copyrighting their innovations. The institute may act as one of the parties and claim 10% of royalty paid to the patentees for providing logistic support.

  8. To create a corpus fund with seed funding from the Institute.