Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

Details of Industry Academic Collaboration
Industry Name Collaboration Name/ Person Date Department Venue Target Group
TCS Pragati 2013 CSE, IT, MCA BPPIMT Student
TCS Pragati 2014 CSE, IT, MCA BPPIMT Student
CTS CIO’s Challenge 2014 CSE,IT BPPIMT Student
CTS Boot Camp 19th & 20th January, 2014 CSE, IT CTS Infospace Campus Student Faculty
CTS CIO’s Challenge 2015 CSE BPPIMT Student
CTS Boot Camp 29th February & 1st March, 2016 CSE CTS Infospace Campus Student Faculty
Calcutta Telephones Mr. Somnath Maity 18.05.16 ECE BPPIMT Faculty
Trendie, CampusKarma, CodeBlix, CTS HackON 101 21.05.2016 CSE BPPIMT Student
Ardent Technical Workshop on Hadoop 05.11.2016 CSE BPPIMT Student
TCS Ms. Ria M Basu 09.11.2016 IT BPPIMT Student
CTS FDP on “Big Data & Analysis” 30.11.2015 CSE, IT, MCA BPPIMT Faculty
CTS FDP on “Data Science” 30.06.2016 CSE, IT, MCA CTS, Bantala Faculty
IBM Dr. Sandipan Sarkar 03.09.2016 CSE BPPIMT Faculty and Student
G. P. Tronics. Plot Y-17, Block-Ep, Salt Lake ESDM Workshop, in collaboration with CSI, Kolkata Chapter 30-10-2013 MCA G. P. Electronics, Salt Lake  
OrangeTree Global, Salt Lake Technical Workshop on Data Analytics, Hadoop and R 16-11-2016 MCA BPPIMT Students
C-DAC National PARAM Shavak User Symposium November 24-25, 2016 CSE,  IT BPPIMT Faculty
Cognizant Effective Communication & Behaviourial Aspect August 8, 2017 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Students
IBM India limited Robotic Process Automation August 12, 2017 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Students
CTS Soft Skill Session by CTS 15.09.2017 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Students
Kreeti Technologies Kreeti Technologies -HR Session 15.02.18 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Students
Erricson Ericson Career Connect Program 19th & 18th February, 2018 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Students
TCS and CDAC Pre conference Tutorial in collaboration with TCS and CDAC 10.1.2018 CSE BPPIMT Facuty and Student
IBM Project in collaboration with IBM India PVT LTD Feb 2018 CSE BPPIMT Student
CTS CTS Industry Visit 25.03.18 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Student
IBM Industry Talk on “ Intelligent Automation” by Mr. Caeser Chatterjee 04.08.18 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Student
CTS CTS Industry Visit 29.03.19 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Student
IBM Industry Talk on “Blockchain” by Mr. Diptiman Dasgupta 05.04.19 B.Tech and MCA BPPIMT Student

ESDM Workshop, 2013
Students of Department of Computer Application and Electronics and Communication Engineering actively participated for a workshop, ESDM’13 in the Institute’s premises, hosted by Department. Dept. of Computer Application, along with the guest speakers Prof. (Dr.) Debesh Das of Jadavpur University, Prof. (Dr.) Susanta Sen of University of Calcutta and Sri. Subimal Kundu CSI Fellow. The students had a hands-on training in G. P. Tronics in their own venue.
The Coordinator: Ms. Inadyuti Dutt

TCS, Pragati, 2013
The students selected for “Pragati” were working on the OAP project and were mentored by Mr. Nikhil Govind, Module Lead, OAP (Online Assessment Platform), TCS Mumbai. Mr. Govind had been a really helpful trainer giving the students a lot of insights into a real life project and in spite of his busy schedule he rigorously mentored them with structured training sessions and helped them learn with follow-up assignments.
The Cordinator: Dr. Ananya Kanjilal

TCS, Pragati, 2014
Based on the performance of the students in Pragati 2013,  TCS selected only two institutes of India for 2nd phase of Pragati- BPPIMT is one of them. 8 students from CSE, IT and MCA Dept. have been selected and they have started working on 4 projects in the domains of operating system and Java.

Project 1: SOE Independent Candidate Console
This project is aimed to reduce human intervention and possibilities of unfair means in online examination. Anisha Bazaz and Bhavna Somani is developing an operating system, “Independent candidate console (ICC)”. This independent console would mask the underlying operating system of the candidate machines. ICC consists of only a web browser which would ensure security of the system. This will be available on LAN and hence can be installed in various machines.

Project 2: Linux Launcher
This project is to develop a launcher to conduct assessment on Linux OS to ensure restricted access. The launcher is the gateway which establishes a connection with the server. Titas Dutta and Kingshuk Basak are developing the launcher which will close all running applications during launch and at an interval of 5 mins. Python is used for creating the application. TKinter package of Python is used to make the GUI and various shell commands are integrated with the application.

Project 3: iON Identification Event Framework
Priyanka Sinha Roy and Archana Jhunjhunwala are developing a framework for secured Biometric student identification in Online Examination. This project is aimed to enhance the existing ARC module, developed by BPPIMT students the previous year (which was used this year during AIIMS entrance examination) by Biometric comparison of image and fingerprint of a particular candidate and record date, time, response time and various other aspects during login period.

Project 4: QP Creating from Docs
Khyati Tejuria and Parminder Singh are developing a system to parse a word document and then populate different beans of the different question types (currently questions are directly entered in excel and online questions are generated from there). This system will be  able to handle various types of questions, such as: MCQ, MSQ, SA (Short answer), Comprehension, LAQ, etc.


CTS, CIO’s Challenge Internship Program, 2014
Cognizant Technology Solutions collaborated with the institute to furnish some of their in house projects by the selected students of final year. In 2014, Titas Datta(CSE), Khyati Tejura(CSE) and Rajit Basu(IT) did a project titled “Societal App” which that maintain all information about the social  activities of the organization and allows associated to join the activities to contribute to the cause or do a donation.

The mentor : Dr. Jayeeta Chanda
To kickstart the project, the faculty coordinator and the participating students attended the Bootcamp held in the  CTS Infospace office where students were exposed to the different aspects of project management through different games and models. It was a learning experiance for the students and the teacher alike.

CTS, CIO’s Challenge Internship Program, 2015
CTS has collaborated with the institute for the second time in 2015 through CIO’s Challenge Internship Program where three students namely Rohan Das, Lalima Das and Aritra Chatterjee of CSE has participated. They have worked on a project titled “Recommendation System”. Based on the history of behavior of users, they have developed a predictable model/algorithm that will predict/recommend similar kind of products or tools to other users who might show similar behaviors like that of other users or customers.   
The mentor: Mr. Amlan Roy Choudhury.

This time also BootCamp was organized on 29.02.2016 and 01.03.2016 at the CTS Infospace Office which was attended by participating students and the Mentors.

HackOn 101

HackON 101 is an 8 hour long inter college coding event for developing mobile application (android/iOS) and web application (Java, PHP, Javascript, JQuery). The event was held on 21st may 2016 at B P Poddar Institute of Management and Technology and was organized by the Department. of Computer Science & Engineering. The event was sponsored by Cognizant (A worldwide renowned Multinational software and IT services company. It is listed in the Fortune 500 group of companies), TrendieApp (A start-up company lead by BPPIMT 2014 pass out of stream CSE, one of the successful entrepreneur of BPPIMT, Mr. Sourav Karmakar), CodeBlix (Start-up company lead by our Alumni, BPPIMT 2015 passout of stream CSE, Mr. Anurag Prajapat) and CampusKarma (A start-up founded by our beloved alumni, BPPIMT 2013 pass-out of stream CSE, Mr. Rohit Gupta). The total number of participants was 164 out of which 68 participants was students from other colleges. The participants were tested on six problems from different domains of data analysis to image processing, geo tagging. The event is sponsored by

Cognizant: A worldwide renowned Multinational software and IT services company. It is listed in the Fortune 500 group of companies.

TrendieApp: A start-up company lead by BPPIMT 2014 pass out, one of the successful entrepreneur of BPPIMT, Mr. Sourav Karmakar. TrendieApp is basically a social networking platform where each activity is rewarded.

CodeBlix: Another Start-up company lead by our Alumni, BPPIMT 2015 passout, Mr. Anurag Prajapat. Codeblix is basically an online coding platform for enterprise uses.

CampusKarma: Another start-up founded by our beloved alumni, BPPIMT 2013 pass-out, Mr. Rohit Gupta. Campuskarma is a social network for Indian colleges and university students.

Technical Workshop on Data Analytics, Hadoop and R
Department of Computer Application conducted a half-day workshop with OrangeTree Global, on 16-11-2016 in Lab-8 of BPPIMT campus. The Director, Mr. Subhra Bishnu, along with his business consultant, Mr. Sayandeep Bose took hands-on session in R. The students received first-hand experience in Data Analytics and Hadoop as well.

National PARAM Shavak User Symposium
The 1st edition of National PARAM Shavak User Symposium was held in the C-DAC center, Kolkata     on November 24-25, 2016. It was a nice exposure to the specialists both from industry and academia in the field of parallel computation and supercomputing technology. The experts from Intel, Nvidia along with C-DAC have shared their knowledge in the field of High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing.

Effective Communication & Behaviourial Aspect
A Lecture Session under Cognizant Campus Connect Program held on Tuesday 8th August 2017 at B.P. Poddar institute of Management & Technology, Kolkata campus. Mr. Saikat Saha, Learning & Development Team, Cognizant Technology Solutions addressed final year B.Tech and MCA students on "Effective Communication & Behaviourial Aspect" followed by an Ice -Breaking session. The session turned out to be highly interactive and fruitful for the students heading for the campus placement season 2017 - 2018.

Robotic Process Automation
The Industry Institute Partnership Cell of the institute has organized a Industry talk by Dr. Soumya S. Basu of IBM India limited on 12th August 2017. His topic of discussion was "Robotic Process Automation".

Soft Skill Session by CTS
Behavioural session on Personal Interview organised by BPPIMT and conducted by Cognizant on Friday 15th September 2017 at the Auditorium. A three member HR team from Cognizant leaded by Ms. Upasana Sinha from the Talent Acquisition team delivered a simulated role-playing session to identify the behaviourial trait of the participants and further fine tune their influencing capabities.

Ericson Career Connect Program
BPPIMT organized Ericsson career connect 2018 program on VIP road campus from 19th February to 21st February 2018 in partnership with Ericsson India Global Services. This program was conducted for 50 nominated 3rd year B. Tech students.

CTS Industry Visit
Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) organised an one day industrial program for the students of B.P Poddar Institute of management & Technology on 25th March'2018. 150+ students from different streams of BPPIMT participated in the program.

Industry Talk on "Intelligent Automation" by Mr. Caeser Chatterjee
The Industry Institute Partnership Cell of the college organised an Industry Talk on “Intelligent Automation” on 4th August, 2018 at the seminar hall of the Institute. The speaker was Mr. Caeser Chatterjee of the IBM India Pvt. Limited who is the Technology Leader of IBM Automation with Watson Platform.150 no. of students of the final year and pre final year of all the five departments attended the session. It was a very informative session about the current practices of the IT Industry.

CTS Industry Visit
An Industry Visit to Cognizant Technology Solution, Bantala Campus was organized on March 29, 2019. 148 students of pre final years from all the five departments were part of this visit. They got an walk through and insight into the current practices of the industry.

Industry Talk on “Blockchain” by Mr. Diptiman Dasgupta
Industry Institute Partnership Cell of the Institute has organized an Industry Talk on 5th April, 2019 on the topic Blockchain 101 which has outlined Blockchain as an emerging technology and how this will change the business towards trust & transparency with real life examples. The speaker was Mr. Diptiman Dasgupta, Associate Director and Chief Architect of Blockchain Technology, IBM India Private Limited. He was supported by his colleagues Mr. Suman Das and Mr. Saptswa Sarkar. 150 students from all the five departments participated the very informative and interactive session.