Department of Information Technology

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. To educate the learners in science and Mathematical tools to excel in their professional career.

  2. To inspire the students to analyze a problem and to design an effective and efficient solution in information technology with proper implementation, documentation and deployment using modern engineering tools and software.

  3. To inspire the students for developing leadership which will help them to infuse value based social and ethical standard in information transactions.

  4. To encourage faculty members to undertake research for continuous improvement in emerging areas of information technology.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Professional Skills: The ability to understand, analyze and develop software programs in the areas related to design, algorithms, web design, database technologies, system software, multimedia, cloud computing, and networking for efficient delivery of computer-based systems of varying complexity.

Problem-Solving Skills: The ability to apply mathematical approach, statistical tools, standard practices and strategies in software project development to deliver a quality product, in an environment friendly, cost efficient manner.

Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to employ modern computer languages, environments, and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher studies.

Lifelong Research: The ability to use knowledge to identify problems in various domains and to provide new ideas and innovations.