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Performing Arts Forum

Performing Arts are art forms in which artists convey artistic expression. Performing arts include a variety of disciplines but all are intended to be performed in front of a live audience. Performing arts include dance, music and theatre.

Objectives of Performing arts forum are:

  1. Provide a platform for students to express multiple talents in any form of performing arts.

  2. Create opportunities for social development through participation in the performing arts.

  3. It is a platform for every student who wants to expand possibilities in their own field of interests through their artistic creation.

Sl. No. Members
1 Ms. Anindita Ray Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor, IT Department, Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, IT Department
3 Ms. Swagata Gayen Kundu, Assistant Professor, IT Department
4 Ms. Debjani Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Hu & Mgmt Department
5 Ms. Susmita Biswas, Assistant Professor, ECE Department
6 Ms. Anusree Roy, Assistant Professor, EE Department