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Event: Smart Coder Challenge 2.19
Organized by: Abhiyantran (Technical Forum, BPPIMT)
Date: November 6, 2019
Time: 2 PM - 5 PM
Venue: Computers Labs in C - block

Participants: Individual/ Group of 2 members.

Mode of competition: Problems will be given at the start of the competition and it is to be completed within stipulated time.

Platform: Online based Coding & Judging portal with C, C++, Java, python compiler.


  1. Students enrolled their names to the committee members.

  2. C block software labs based on their availability at the time of event.

  3. Teams were allowed to write programs in any programming language of their own choice.

  4. Total competition was divided in four rounds. Teams are suggested to solve one problem in each round .Teams were allowed to proceed to the next round if they solve the problem of previous round.

  5. Registration fees: Rs 20/- per group

Kindly note if students need any other programming language support please inform in advance.

Contact Persons:

Satyaki Majumder (IT 3rd year), 8017322560

Soumyadeep Paul (CSE 3rd year), 8335011487

For Registration: Click Here