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Department of Humanities and Management Sciences
Providing support for the Technical-Education to the Departments that conduct the Engineering Courses for the Students at the Undergraduate Level.
Facilitating the Faculty Members for attaining Higher Education and availing Research opportunities.
Facilitating the Faculty Members for attending Refresher Course and Quality Improvement Facilities.

The Department offers education at the Undergraduate-Level with the aim of providing a solid background in the areas of Basic Humanities and Management Sciences. The Department provides support to all Engineering Departments for their classes on Management and Language based topics.

Faculty Members:
No of Faculty Members: 5
Faculty Qualification Details
  • Post Graduate: 5

    The Department has a well-equipped Language-Laboratory with state of the art Acoustic Devices and Instruments, to enable them to have a true experience of teamwork as well as a hands-on experience to be at par with the latest Professional-Communication techniques.

    Departmental Library :
    The Department operates its own Library with requisite stock of Textbooks, References. It also maintains a sample-stock of Question Papers of the Examination as well as Class Tests that have been held in the past. The Department takes the responsibility of the maintenance, issue and return of books.

    Other Activities:
    The Department takes part in a wide range of activities. The Department organizes conferences, workshops and seminars in various specialized fields with participants from all over the country, and runs institutional as well as in-house seminars to enable knowledge sharing for the benefit of the teachers, technical-staff and students within the Department and other Departments as well.
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