Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department offers supportive education to the Core-Departments at the Undergraduate-Level with the aim of providing a strong background in the areas of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics and Humanities & Management Sciences.

All the faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research activities under various sponsored projects within the institute and in collaboration with other institutes. Many technical assistants of the department are also engaged in higher studies, project work and other developmental activities.

Departmental Vision

  • To strengthen the knowledge base of Applied Sciences, Humanities and Management which are fundamentally correlated to various branches of engineering and technology.

  • To inculcate and promote innovative research on modern upcoming ideas in fundamental science.

  • To implant seed ideas of research in fundamental science into technology.

Departmental Mission

  • To orient the students to self learning , self discipline and involvement through innovative teaching learning process.

  • To sharpen and modulate the soft skills, management skills, skills of applying basic knowledge to technical learning through the study of Applied Science and Humanities.

  • To apply the seed ideas of research in fundamental science to technology through virtual laboratories, microprojects and innovative experiments.

Departmental In-Charge

Head of the Department, BSHU   Dr. Rupa Pal
Associate Professor and DIC