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Computer Centre
An intelligent campus equipped with full-networking facilities with wireless and wired access provides connectivity to all computer laboratories, class rooms, library, common room, faculty room etc. There are nine well-equipped computer laboratories having over four hundred computers that are connected and enabled with Campus LAN along with latest configuration. All the buildings of the campus are connected through high-speed Fiber Optic backbone and special Wi-Fi zone has been created to cater for the LAN facility so as to enable them to have a concrete hands-on experience and be abreast with the latest Software Technologies. The Institute is connected with 32 Mbps (1:1) Internet leased line for 24 x 7 Internet facilities for intra and inter campus accessibility. An EDUSAT hub with knowledge server, which is a repository of lessons is set up within the campus for the students to attend interactive classes provided by the reputed Institutions of India like IITs, IIMs, IISC etc.

The Computer Centre facilitates the Laboratory Classes in the respective specialized laboratories predetermined for the purpose.

C Programming and Data-Structure Laboratory
Operations Research Laboratory
Numerical Methods and Programming Principles Laboratory
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Operating System, System Administration and Network Programming Laboratory
Database Management System Laboratory
Multimedia and Visual Programming Laboratory
Java, Object Technology and Web Technology Laboratory
Computer Organization and Architecture Laboratory
Project Laboratory
  1. Mr. Anagh Pramanik, MCA, BCA (Network Administration and Support)
2. Mr. Bijoy Das, MCA (Network Administration and Support)
3. Mr. Atanu Paul, Diploma (IT Help Desk)
4. Mr. Sumit Das, M.Sc., DOEACC "A" LEVEL (Website Maintenance)
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