Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machine Laboratory

Details of Laboratory

In charge : Anushree Ray

This laboratory contains a variety of "electrical machines" and their associated instruments. The equipment in this lab is utilized to complement the topics which are covered in this course, by reinforcing the classroom concepts with hands-on demonstrations and familiarization. The primary objective of this laboratory is to provide the students with practical knowledge on static and dynamic electrical machines. Here the students get acquainted with characteristics and behavior of different types of electrical motors and transformers, various speed control techniques for AC and DC motors, parallel operation of alternators, synchronization of alternators and determination of machine parameters. Cut section models of AC, DC machines and Transformer are a part of the laboratory where students can visualize the constructional details of various machines. Apart from syllabus students perform additional experiments as beyond syllabus, virtual laboratory experiments and micro projects which help them to add their knowledge and build team work mentality. The students and faculty conducts different experiments for research and development. Electrical Machine Laboratory is conducted for the undergraduate students in their second year and third year courses.