Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Annual Planner

S.N. Programme Details Date
1. Initiate setting of target values for audit parameters by EE, ECE, CSE, IT & MCA departments 1st August, 2018
2. Collection of set target values of audit parameter target by EE, ECE, CSE, IT & MCA departments from Principal 8th August, 2018
3. Awareness workshop on various academic audit parameters 18th January, 2019
4. Academic audit for EE department 6th August, 2019
5. Academic audit for ECE department 7th August, 2019
6. Academic audit for CSE department 8th August, 2019
7. Academic audit for IT department 9th August, 2019
8. Academic audit for MCA department 10th August, 2019
9. Prepare Academic audit report for academic year 2018-19 17th August, 2019