Purchase Cell

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Chairperson:

    1. Approval or recommendation of approval of requisition based upon necessity and budget consultation with concern departmental member and admin representative from account section

    2. Verification of necessary procurement procedures are properly followed or not

    3. Approval or recommendation of approval of issuance of PO

  2. Coordinator:

    1. Vendor enlistment

    2. Requisition collection through proper channel

    3. Verification of stock availability

    4. Coordination with concern departmental member or section in-charge for specific model or item

    5. Quotation invitation and collection from enlisted specific vendors based upon selected model as well as alternative model

    6. Arrangement of demonstration if required

    7. Preparation of documents prior to PC meeting

    8. Arrangement of PC meeting

    9. Further negotiation with selected vendor if any scope

    10. Issue of PO after finalization and getting approval

    11. Purchased items distribution, record and bill processing

  3. Members:

    1. Finalize the model or item based upon actual requisition, quality and budget

    2. Seek clarification from suppliers/service providers if necessary

    3. Expressing technical and financial input as well as involvement in the discussion, evaluation and demonstration as required

    4. Coordination with the concern department or section till receiving of the item.