Smart Coder Challenge 2.21

As a token of gesture in these difficult times when humanity is faced with immense challenges, technology has enabled us to continue to move forward. Abhiyantran – The Techincal Forum of B. P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, wishes to invites you to be part of our latest Inter-school event - SMART CODER CHALLENGE 2.21, to boost positivity, in today’s youth and making a right move in the present restrained, stressful scenario.

“SMART CODER CHALLENGE 2.21” has been conceived as an Inter school coding competition for High-School students (Junior I - Standard IX - X) & (Junior II - Standard XI - XII) and Inter college coding competition for Undergraduate and diploma students (Level I - Diploma/BCA/B. Sc) & (Level II - B. Tech), to be held virtually. Through this coding competition, we, the members of the Abhiyantran – The Technical Forum of our institute, aspire to encourage school students to gain hands-on coding experience and develop their competitive coding skills.

Date of event: June 23rd & 24th, 2021

The registration is free of cost and all the contesting participants and winners will be awarded Digital Certificate.

*Interested Students can register for this event using the following link:

Inter school coding competition:

Junior I for Standard IX- X:

Junior II for Standard XI- XII:

*The last date of registration is 20th July 2021

Inter college coding competition:

Level I for Diploma/BCA/B. Sc:

Level II for B. Tech:

*The last date of registration is 21st July 2021

*Joining link will be sent to registered participants in their email.


Smart Coder Challenge 2.21

Smart Coder Challenge 2.21