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Sports Forum

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator

  1. To co-ordinate all sports event (Indoor and outdoor).

  2. Co-ordinate the purchase of all sports item and maintenance of the same.

  3. Co-ordinate the annual budget of sports forum.

  4. Co-ordinate various outdoor tournament.

  5. To issue notices of all meetings and record the minutes thereof.

  6. Conducting meeting and follow-up the resolution of meeting for its proper implementation.

  7. To recommend attendance to students who have taken part in sports events as per rules.

Roles & Responsibilities Members

  1. To organize Intra College and inter college sports events in the college.

  2. To Promote and develop sports activities in the college among students and staff members.

  3. To specify minimum standards for teams' participation in Intra-University and Inter-college tournaments.

  4. To accompany with students for sports events to be organized in other colleges.

  5. Have all responsibilities of its account keeping and report preparation and submission.

  6. Shall be responsible for proper management of teams participating in the intra, inter or intra university tournaments and their accounts and reports.

  7. To carry on correspondence on behalf of the committee with the outside bodies, (e.g. With NKDA for booking of field for intra college cricket and football tournament).

  8. To plan and decide about maintenance of various sports material like carrom board, table tennis board etc.

  9. To formulate/revise TA/DA rules for students participating in various tournaments and games/sports meets.

  10. To make necessary arrangement for procurement of sports material, sports kit and other recurring and non-recurring items needed for students.

  11. To maintain the stock of all sports material and other items purchased.

  12. To prepare defaulter students’ list.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student Members

  1. To Promote and develop sports activities in the college among students.

  2. Collecting team least and student undertaking form department wise.

  3. To monitor discipline at the time of tournament.

  4. Satisfy some urgent needs during tournament if there be any.

  5. To notify the requirement of sport’s good throughout the year.

  6. Identify field for outdoor tournament.

  7. To accompany with staff members for purchasing sports goods.