Timetable Cell

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Coordinator:

  1. Initiate the process of timetable preparation by 2nd week of May and 2nd week of November every year.

  2. Coordinate about non-departmental courses of various departments and inform Principal regarding the developments.

  3. Coordinate about the central library slots available among all departments.

  4. Coordinate with TPO about slots for training.

  5. Consolidate all the timetables from each department and finalize the master timetable of the college in the prescribed format.

  6. Prepare overall computer laboratory timetable.

  7. Communicate the Principal about all developments.

Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. The committee members of the respective departments in the Time Table Committee shall collect data on teaching load distribution of individual faculty members from the department, sharing teaching load from other departments, Lab-wise subject allotment, assigning of classrooms and tutorial rooms, assigning of common resources (classrooms, labs, tutorial rooms which are shared) and taking into account department-specific requirements (e.g. lectures to be arranged only in morning slot, and lunch break times, extra classes to be arranged, if any, etc.).

  2. With the information gathered, prepare the class time tables of individual departments and laboratories in the prescribed format, in consultation with other members regarding common or shared facilities.

  3. Communicate the respective HODs about all developments.

Roles and Responsibilities of Administrative Staff:

  1. a) To finally format the overall timetable of the Institute and hand over the hard copies to the coordinator on time.