Message from the Chairman

Shri. Arun Poddar | Chairman

Honourable Chairman Sir

Today students have to face challenges that don’t just test their knowledge but also their leadership skills.

At B. P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, we train them to think on their feet. The institute believes in leveraging the talent of each individual by providing a holistic and exciting learning environment – a space that adds to their confidence by honing on their analytical and communication skills.

Message from the Founder Trustee & Chief Mentor

Dr. Subir Choudhury | Founder Trustee & Chief Mentor

Honourable Director Sir

A technologically dynamic environment is what BPPIMT – a fully integrated technological institute boasts of. Here students are encouraged to explore and integrate innovative solutions that in turn will influence engineering practices across the world.

Regular consulting assignments are undertaken, student and faculty development programmes are conducted to identify and incubate potential with the right attitude. Every member of the BPPIMT family is trained to excel and add value to whatever they pursue be it in education, research, consulting or training.

Message from the Principal

Prof. (Dr.) Sutapa Mukherjee | Principal

Honourable Principal Madam

We take pride of a holistic learning environment which plays a vital role in grooming new age technocrats. The Institute has a large pool of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members who strive to achieve excellence both in education and research to nurture the budding talents.

In addition to curricular and co-curricular learning, the Institute inculcates moral values and professional ethics enabling the future engineers to develop as good human beings for the benefit of society as a whole.