Green Minds 2.22

The Department of Electrical Engineering, B. P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, feels the deep urge to undertake a humble initiative, “Green Minds 2.22”, to connect with the “Green Minds” of today, who hold the promise for tomorrow. "Green Minds 2.22" is an Engineering Model/ Idea Presentation Competition for Class 9-12 school students & Polytechnic students on “Alternate source of energy and energy sustainability”. Through this Offline Programme, we, the members of the fraternity of B. P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, aspire to share some quality time with the fertile minds to celebrate their ingenuity and enthusiasm.

It is a great challenge to save the environment and our mother earth due to global warming day by day. As well as the depletion of fossil fuel will create a huge impact in the future energy scenario. So global power sector is inclined towards an energy source that cannot be depleted and can remain viable forever!!

Keeping that in mind, we encourage our dear participants to share their views and knowledges on eco-friendly technology, sustainable energy, green energy, e mobility through this offline presentation programme.

Group A: Class IX to XII

Group B: Diploma Students

Contact Us:

Mr. Aritra Ghosh: +919836961573

Ms. Madhumita Kundu Mondal: +919432135006

Ms. Susmita Dey: +918777357137


Date: 23.07.2022

Last date of registration: 22/07/2022

Registration is free.

Link for Registration:

Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants will have to make a model/get hold of an idea within the tentative date and explain their project/concept to the judges, in offline mode (duration should not exceed 10 minutes).
  2. Presentation can be done in English/Hindi/Bengali.
  3. Participants who are willing to do a group presentation are advised to mention the team member names and registration ID in the project itself.
  4. Registration is free
  5. Maximum number of participants per team should not exceed 5.
  6. Students from any discipline can participate.
  7. Mode of submission will be online at
  8. Working as well as non-working models will be accepted.
  9. Multiple submissions by any participant will lead to cancellation of entry.
  10. Stringent rules for plagiarism shall be followed which may even lead to disqualification of entries.
  11. Usage of energy efficient and environmentally friendly components are encouraged.
  12. Rules are subject to change with prior intimation to the participants.