Training, Placement & Career Guidance Cell

The Training and Placement Cell provides a raised platform in Professionalism, personality grooming for the budding talents and above all the making a quality human being to enable them to rub the shoulder with best in the corporate world.

At B.P. Poddar, we are passionate about grooming the talents in the art and confidence to conquer the world by exploiting their latent talent. Experts from corporate sectors share their insights on the sector thereby adding value to students learning.

The Training and Placement Cell is staffed with full-time placement professional, and offers students job placement assistance. The Training and Placement Cell services include career exploration, work readiness, career planning, career counseling, skill development, identification of employment opportunities, job placement, and ongoing support.


B.P. Poddar Institute of Management & Technology through its structured and comprehensive training model has successfully transformed thousands of aspiring engineers to industry ready resources. The training model combines Aptitude (Numerical & Analytical), Technical and Behaviourial skills development as a part of regular academic activity from the beginning of the degree course. The program places intense focus on English and business communications skills that are essential in today’s global workplace. Industrial training offers the opportunity to students to have a first hand experience of the industry and its operational procedures.

Following is the brief of each module:

Numerical & Analytical Aptitude:

Analytical and numerical skills are essential for any job that requires critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Analytical aptitude of a student is gaining more importance with the change in technology and work process. While analytical skills are traditionally associated with math and numerical reasoning, they extend far beyond that. Analytical skills require the use of logic and reasoning in order to analyze situations and draw conclusions from that analysis. Students who possess these skills are more likely to learn quickly and improve over time in a role, which is why analytical skills are better than other skills at predicting long-term job success.

Programming & Coding Skills:

Programming and coding is no more considered as a specialised skill. It has become the bare minimum requirement for an engineering graduate to opt for employment in this era of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. All major tech companies aggressively compete to hire gifted young coders. Responding to the need BPPIMT has launched a module based online learning system for all students across streams, offering an evaluation based programming & coding skill development and enhancement platform which provides opportunity for students to practice on several assignments besides taking lecture and doubt clearing session from internal faculty members as well as industry experts.

Behaviourial Skills:

The objective of the program is to help students to deal with different situations diligently and responsibly in the workplace. The training in this area has two parts. One part involves developing attitude and attributes and the other part involves fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas, and thoughts well. Since behaviors are recognized as a major contributor to one's success, we focus on developing a social and responsible human being who can successfully balance between his/her personal and professional needs.

On-Site Industrial Training

The Training & Placement Cell of the Institute facilitates the Students in getting trained in reputed companies. On returning for the on-site training, students submit a report concerning the training attained and deliver a seminar on the skills acquired. A partial list of companies is shown below, where the students have acquired industrial training. The following list presents the names of some of the organizations provide on-site training facilities to the students

  1. All India Radio

  2. Indian Statistical Institute

  3. N.T.P.C. Ltd.

  4. Metro Railway

  5. M.N.Dastur & Company (P) Ltd.

  6. CESC Ltd.

  7. TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

  8. Bokaro Steel Plant

  9. Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited

  10. W.B.S.E.D.C.L.

  11. Eastern Railway

  12. Damodar Valley Corporation

  13. Durgapur Thermal Power Station

  14. Varriable Energy Cyclotrone Center

  15. South Eastern Railway

  16. Telco Construction Equipment Company Limited (TELCON)

  17. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

  18. BSNL

  19. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

  20. Philips India Ltd.

In-House Training

The institute from time to time have undertaken various skill oriented training program in its campus. Few recent program initiated in 2017 includes Data Analytics, Big Data Hadoop, ‘R’ Programming, Python on Data Science delivered by recognised training providers based out in Kolkata. Students also took part in short term Aptitude and Coding Challenge programs viz. Cognizant Certified Student Program (CCSP), TechStorm and Propel by Capgemini, Cloud 20/20 by Unisys etc.

The In-House career development initiative of the Institute provides pre/final year students with a variety of technological skill upgrade programs to choose from, which help students to grow into a promising and industry-ready graduate engineer. Microsoft IT Academy, IBM, Hewlett Packard, T.I.M.E. have been among our few privileged training partners to offer in house training opportunities to our students.